While we can't deny the fact that those games sold by Rockstar are simply awesome, along with other cool games stuffs and expansion packs, not everyone can afford buying GTA money to profit the game. Sometime it is simply impossible for some people to get GTA money due to the payment option issue. Most teens don't have credit card to buy them. So, I'm sure this GTA Online hack will be the best solution for this, to profit from playing GTA Online.

Basically this is a GTA Online modding tool cause you can mod and edit codes and values online or give some money toe the redeemed funds to buy cars, or other stuffs you desire and need.

We developed this GTA Online Modding Tool 2014 after we found secret security loopholes on GTA Online database server. The security bugs let us inject our unique script which becomes a gateway for our GTA Online Money Glitch Tool application.

After several weeks upon beta phase we finally release this GTA Online modding tool to public so everyone can use it upon their own account. 

We attempt our best to save updating our GTA Online money glitch 2014 tool to ensure this tool can maintain working to its users. On this GTA Online modding tool latest version we have implemented anonymous proxy retain to lid the tracks to make this tool undetected.

We also guarantee that our GTA Online Modding Tool is virus free. You can check the virus free proof before you download this GTA Online Modding tool.. This GTA Online money glitch doesn't require you to provide your login or password so you don't have to worry about losing your accounts.

This GTA Online modding tool has been tested by hundreds of people around the world with 100% success rates, and run upon all machines with Windows OS. You can also run this GTA Online money mode tool upon Linux or Mac if you have Windows simulator installed upon it.

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